Friday, December 04, 2009

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

First day of school

My oldest turned 4 in June this year. He started on Monday PreKindergarten, I am so happy and emotional to see him growing at this pace.

It seems like yesterday when I was expecting my first baby, and now having to leave him eating breakfast in that huge cafeteria, making the line for his food with every other kid from school that to his little eyes, probably seem like giants in front and behind him.

He is happy indeed, he likes school, he loves waking up at 6.30am, he models and chooses what color shirt he wants to wear that day, messes up his hair everytime i try to do a decent brushing, greets his teachers with the most lovebable hugs, and greet us with the joy of lost boy who has just found his mommy.

I am so happy to be living this stage of my offspring's life, i feel truly blessed and lucky to have him in my life.
Love you my munchkin.

Friday, August 28, 2009

My princess is 3 months old today Aug 28th

She has brought so much life to our home, we are so joyfull to have her with us.
Gianna is her name, and we are all in love with her, even her two munchkin brothers love her to death. They are showing no signs of jealousy whatsoever, only love!!!

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

sonogram shows a girl!!!

We are so excited!!!
I had already made up my mind that I was not going to have a girl... that my husband only makes boys (he has 3, his brother has 2, and his other brother has 2 aswell), but when the specialist said it was a girl my heart jumped. He cried. My 3 year old asked what was wrong and the uncle's reply was that he was worried about the sweet 16's party.
At the sonogram we explained to the Kid that the camera was showing a baby mami has on her tummy... so he acknowledge the baby and said... "oh look, that's the baby on mami's tummy... She swallowed a baby. Can you show me the banana she swallow too?"
I am really excited about the little girl, our little princess, God is so gracious!!! I am about 23 weeks pregnant now, and today for the first time I had morning sickness... weird.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

My boys are growing, so big and intelligent.
They play and interact more and more by the days... but still the fights are winning. Although My 31/2 year old doesn't share at all with his younger sibbling, he still shows a lot of affection to him.. hugs and kisses the 16 month old at all times.
The other day they started to walk upstairs to take a shower, when I heard a bum bum... then I started running and screamed, are you OK? Gio went, yes mommy, I fell. When I got there, Gio was on the next to last stair on the floor holding very tight to his little brother's arm who was two stairs bellow him on the floor as well and smiling. He said proudly "Look, GianCarlo fell too, but I got him" So cute, and protective!!
Yesterday morning I took them out for breakfast at this Colombian bakery. He was requesting the food he wanted. As I was backing up he noticed the sign on the window and started reading.... "Look mami, it says O-P-E-N Buy food here!!!!"

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Santa will visit my house on Sunday... I'm so Excited!!!

I called the police department at my city to sign up my kids for free presents from Santa.

when the lady, which was really nice, got all my information down; she then told me that on Sunday the 21st after 9:15am I had to be ready with both of my boys... At that point I had my pencil and paper ready to write down the address and immediately pictured myself making a huge line full of moms with their children waiting for their turn to receive their presents from Santa...

then I heard something about a firetruck in my house... I woke up again and said, "what"? I'm sorry, say that again?

so she said, be ready that after 9:15am Santa will arrive in a Firetruck to your house to deliver the toys personally to your children... I started laughing and screaming... i got so excited.

I know this will be a day they will never forget. I will surely take pictures and videos...

stay tuned!!!